Sunshine is a finite element solver that enables fast and accurate simulations for many analysis types, such as linear and nonlinear static, eigenvalue, buckling, steady state and transient heat transfer.

Linear static

Applies to structures that undergo static loads of any kind, provided that no geometric or material non linearities manifest themselves. This means that the infinitesimal strain theory is taken into account along with linear material laws. The addition of inertial relief is also available. Moreover, temperature dependent material properties can be added on demand.

Non-linear static

A robust and agile non-linear contact solver is supported by the non-linear static analysis. A Newton – Raphson scheme is adopted for the calculation of the results.

Heat Transfer

A steady-state and transient heat transfer analysis can be efficiently performed by the use of Sunshine. Non-linear analysis with temperature dependent materials is supported.


A buckling analysis with follower forces is available too. Lanczos and Householder methods are supported and can be automatically selected, based on the problem’s size.

Eigenvalue analysis

Both real and complex eigenvalue analysis is included. The complex eigenvalue analysis supports both classic and general damping. Fast and accurate results may be obtained by the utilization of Lanczos method.