Moduleering is a Research and Development company, located in Greece, acting in the software engineering field. Our activities cover industrial and academic focused research, including automotive, shipbuilding, and electronics industry, but also in scientific computing area, like High Performance Computing and Artificial Intelligence. Moduleering is the name behind SunShine, the powerful, multiphysics simulation software.



Moduleering target is to provide Research and Development support to out customers on various scientific and industrial fields, delivering complete software solutions. Our expertise extents at the cutting edge of the areas of multiphysics and other scientific computing, HPC, CAE, AI, cloud computing.

High quality and efficiency of products is always our primary goal, giving us a pioneering role and reputation in the domestic and international market.

R & D

Even though Moduleering uses currently high-end technology methods, it is frequent that no such method exists. It is therefore up to our team to overcome these barriers, adapt to this lack and constantly innovate towards scientific advance.


SunShine is the flagship product of Moduleering. It is a powerful, robust, multiphysics simulation software, supporting various analysis types needed in several industry sectors. Its features guarantee a maximized gain of software investment.

About us

We, the Moduleering family, have the vision to constantly provide state-of-the-art solutions, using any available technology and pushing it to the limit. This way, we ensure the maximum efficiency for our products and the results of our work. This approach led us to local and international collaborations in both business and academia sectors, throughout the lifetime of our company.

Moduleering offices are located in Thessaloniki, Greece. It is the second largest city and industrial area in Greece, but also the base of both the largest Greek University (Aristotle University), and the first public University to offer programmes taught exclusively in English (International Hellenic University). This places our company inside a major center of technological and scientific advance, and provides a large pool of human resources to cover our company’s demands.

Our company covers a wide range of high scientific and technology activities, therefore our people come from different academic and professional backgrounds, but all of them converge to the company’s vision to be a front-running and innovative force in the field. Developers, IT experts, engineers, physicists and mathematicians are some of the specialties Moduleering employs in order to accomplish the best solutions for its clients and their goals.

Our team of exceptionally qualified scientists offers excellent solutions within the shortest time frame possible, so that the customers entrust us with the most demanding tasks.

Career opportunities

In Moduleering we consider our employees to be the driving force in being one of the most innovative and entrepreneurial companies in the field of scientific computing. Our people are highly qualified professionals, passionate about cutting edge technology, who demonstrate the highest level of personal performance. Our goal and commitment is to maintain and improve the high level of services offered to our customers worldwide.

Moduleering is a responsible company that offers wide-ranging career development opportunities, an integrated culture of innovation and the opportunity to participate and play a key role in an international team of highly talented engineers and scientists.

If you are interested in collaborating with us, please click here to check the current openings.

Thank you for your interest in pursuing a career within Moduleering!



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