Moduleering focuses on providing Research and Development support to our customers on various scientific and industrial sectors, delivering complete software solutions. Our expertise extents at the cutting edge of the areas of multiphysics and other scientific computing, HPC, CAE, AI, cloud computing.

High quality and efficiency of products is always our primary goal, giving us a pioneering role and reputation in the domestic and international market.

When treating a physical problem, our team investigates the client’s needs, as complex as they may be, and employs the necessary algorithms (numerical or not) to properly describe its specifications, from a theoretical and mathematical viewpoint. Our goal here is to conceptualize the underlying principles in these problems, and then design an algorithmic procedure suitable for this system. These principles combine different physical aspects towards a model, since the real world is actually simulated as multiphysical model, rather than through a set of isolated processes.

The numerical simulation of this model can lead to accurate analysis, deep understanding and precise solution of the problem, often requiring a vast amount of calculations.

All simulation software is designed as to make the best use of available computer resources, in order to achieve performance as high as possible. Every computational model is analyzed, and a combination of parallel techniques, multithreading, and distributed memory approaches is applied, in order to have a solution tailored to its needs. Moduleering features highly scalable products, running on any computer configuration available, from personal use computers, or up to computer clusters. Even the most complex problems can therefore be solved by taking advantage of fully improved performance we offer.

Furthermore, Moduleering provides services focused in Computer-aided engineering (CAE), the usage of computer software to simulate performance in order to aid in engineering analysis tasks. Our company has already gathered expertise on a wide variety of tasks needed in engineering: structural, thermal, radiation, electromagnetics, computational fluid dynamics. The research we have already carried out, together with our potential for future development, placed Moduleering in an attractive position for various industrial customers, engaged in automotive, shipbuilding, computational fluid dynamics, and electronics industry. They trust an accurate and fast simulation solution, leading to proper product design, before any construction.

Recently emerged activities and collaborations of our company come from the field of artificial intelligence (AI), concerned with software that can deduce, or arrive at conclusions that would typically require human intelligence. This kind of applications exhibit predictive features, can answer to questions and gain insights invisible to the naked eye.

Our team approaches and analyzes these types of problems, always discussing the specific requirements with the client, to build tailor-made, reliable, and high quality software, keeping the computer resources needed to the bare minimum.

The solutions featured by our company can be designed as cloud based. Cloud computing is the on-demand delivery of computer resources through the internet. It may include data storage, servers, databases, and networking. The key concept is that this computing relies on shared resources over a network, rather than on local servers to store and process data. An organization can thus move a large part (or even the complete) of its infrastructure to the cloud. This way, large hardware investments are avoided, either initial or when upgrading. A pay-as-you-go plan can be followed, without idle hardware time. The whole idea of sharing behind cloud computing leads to a much more effective and sustainable computing model than the traditional one.

Moduleering targets an audience requiring applications in every field of its expertise. The variety of our employees allows undertaking any kind of transdisciplinary project requested. Our work starts from consulting and continues to application development and maintenance, always keeping in mind possible future expansion. Moduleering can produce solutions so personalized, that can serve as in-house applications.

All our products pass under load, stress, and performance tests, in order to guarantee their high quality and robustness, but also enhance our productivity.

Our aim is not only to apply and reuse existing tools and methods, but to further promote scientific and technological areas. Our members keep strong professional relations with people in industry and academia, which can lead into fast development of collaboration growth. This further grows our proficiency in product design.