Scientific computing is a fast growing trans-disciplinary field that aims to the understanding and solving of the most complex problems through the use of supercomputers.

Scientific computing employs algorithms (numerical and non-numerical) and informatics in order to reconstruct or predict phenomena and processes, especially from science and engineering. In other words, it can be described as the application of numerical simulations to solve complex problems in various disciplines and obtain knowledge apart from theory and experiment.

Numerical simulations are extremely useful where the above-mentioned traditional forms of science and engineering, theory and experiment, fail to apply. In cases where experiments are impossible (i.e. in astrophysics), dangerous (i.e. security of nuclear plants) or costly (i.e. car industry), numerical simulations can lead to accurate analysis, deep understanding and precise solution of the problem.

Computer programs and application software are used to study the model systems that require massive amounts of calculations. Scientists and engineers use supercomputers to run these models and reach the results to interpret.